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You can absorb these beautiful, powerful and challenging words as a written poem and/or listen to the words in song. I've put links to different song versions so you can choose your preference from monks singing the words, The Brilliance singing in studio or a funkier version recorded during lockdown featuring The Brilliance, Propoganda and Good Shepherd Music Collective.

These words blow my mind. They comfort and challenge together, and resonate deep truth about authentic love and wholeness. I could talk to you about these words for hours and hours! Instead, I encourage you to focus on them, pray for revelation from them, chat with / message others about them, maybe even pray them. These words may jab at you, certain people and past events may occupy your mind and make you feel uncomfortable. If so, I encourage you to lean into God. Forgiveness and healing are often drawn out (and eventful) journeys rather than being teleported from one destination to another in seconds. I encourage you not to feel guilty for still experiencing negative emotions and consequences from past grievances; it doesn't mean you haven't forgiven or started on a forgiveness journey. I also want to emphasise that forgiveness does not necessarily mean reconciliation, it's a complicated subject but in short, reconciliation isn't appropriate or safe in some situations. Alongside leaning into God and focused prayer, it may help to talk through things raised with trusted people too.

Be blessed:


When I look into the face

Of my enemy

I see my brother

I see my brother

When I look into the face

Of my enemy

I see my brother

I see my brother

Forgiveness is the garment of our courage

The power to make the peace we long to know

Open up our eyes

To see the wounds that bind all of humankind

May our shutter hearts

Greet the dawn of life with charity and love

The Brilliance


Brother lyrics © CAPITOL CHRISTIAN MUSIC GROUP, Capitol CMG Publishing, Integrity Music

Franscican Friars:

The Brilliance in studio:

The Brilliance, Propoganda & Good Shepherd Music Collective:


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