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A devotional of Praise. Psalm 104

It is mind boggling that humans know more about the surface of Mars than the depths of the Amazon river. It’s remarkable that in this age of research and advancing technology, there are still mysteries that we haven’t uncovered, animals and plants undiscovered and questions we can’t answer.

To some, this could be a cause of frustration and worry, but to us people of faith, it can be a source of comfort.

Isn’t it incredible that there are creatures and plants on this planet that we have never seen or wondered upon or reaped benefit from that God has made for his glory only. They serve no purpose other than to exist and bring Glory to God.

Isn’t it amazing that the Solar System is unimaginably vast and contains so many mysteries that we will never solve, but God still sustains it not for human benefit, but for his own Glory.

Isn’t it wonderous that we do not know what the future holds so that we cannot worry, fret or claim any sort of credit for acts that have not yet taken place? How kind of God to not reveal everything to us now, to only give us exactly what we need at the time that we need it.

Isn’t it LOVE that God sent Jesus to die in our place? An act of pure, baffling Love and Grace that humans still find it hard to believe.

Isn’t it a feeling of pure sizzling, shimmering joy when we get that moment of connection with our Creator. When we inhale His Energy and exhale His Peace. When we forget about the things we are trying to control and find all our comfort in the mystery of our amazing God.


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