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Our Risen Lord.

A long time before I was a Christian, a Christian friend took me to see Jesus Christ Superstar. I suspect she was trying to introduce me to Jesus and hoped I’d asked questions - become interested. I knew about Jesus of course. He was a baby in a manger - he rode a donkey - and he was ’crucified on a cross’ - though I never really understood that bit. That was all I learnt at school. When the film finished, I was in tears. This man who had been portrayed as doing nothing but good and was then betrayed and killed on that cross. Why was such a good man killed? He never did anything except good.

But there it ended. A good man - dead.

Years later, when I suddenly (as far as I was concerned) cried out in my heart “I need you Jesus” something changed. Over the years since then I’ve discovered that Jesus came back! How heart-warming - he came still as – ‘a man’ - but now, risen, as the ‘God / man’ who conquered death. He reinstated Peter (do you truly love me?). He dealt with doubt (put your finger here and hand in my side). He taught (disciples on the way to Emmaus). He comforted (Mary Magdalene) and finally allowed his inner circle of 11 to see him ascend to heaven - leaving directions on the next step (wait till you receive the gift my Father promised).

So now I had a fuller perspective of our Risen Lord.

But then recently I have studied Revelation in detail, many related books in the Old Testament and teachings of Jesus. Jesus beloved cousin John was taken up to heaven to see ‘another’ Jesus. The Lord

in his glory, majesty, authority - as a slain lamb and a mighty conqueror. Reading Revelation and prophecies linked to it, has filled out my knowledge, faith and trust in Jesus. He is indeed our Risen Lord and his promises are true. I and you will be there worshipping and praising him through all eternity.

Where are you on your journey? Jesus the man, a great and good man? Jesus the risen God / man, teacher, healer, comforter, carer with hints of awesome majesty. Or Jesus a blinding vision in white. Riding on a white horse with all the power, majesty, glory and authority of God as he comes to conquer the Earth and claim us as his own.

And by the way be encouraged. You may have shared a DVD with someone, had a conversation or two, befriended and helped, talked to colleagues about Jesus. There may have been no apparent effect that you know of. But your actions or words could well bear fruit in the future. It took years for me to respond!


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