Applicants Wanted

We believe that the days we are living in require followers of Jesus to apply what we already know of God and His Kingdom through the way we live our lives.

For apprentices of Jesus to dodge the call to application and disappear behind the mental gymnastics of acquiring more information about a shared life, before we feel ready to live one, isn’t how The Light invades darkness. Long gone are our halcyon days of ‘holy huddles’ and bastions of likeminded observers of religious habit.

We are a people called to engage in rubbing shoulders with doubt, turning cheeks, surrendering cloaks, walking extra miles, feeding, helping, healing, paying the bill and surrendering our will to the One whose Kingdom is here and is coming - to demonstrate the hope and joy of Jesus, following His way. The glory of God was not the spectacle of a cloistered community representative adorned with precious metals, to the cheers and preference of an invited and select crowd, endorsed with the most comfortable and luxurious trappings of the world but rather a broken, naked and rejected body enthroned and lifted up under the gaze of shame on a cross and coronated with a crown of thorns.

Discipleship is hard. A life dedicated to loving God with all of my heart and with all of my soul and with all of my mind in response to the call of Jesus needs some working out. There is a way that seems right to a (hu)man but my temporary comfort, the acceptance of others for who I pretend to be, my investment in proving I can provide for myself, burning my relationship bridges, investing in my pride, keeping my world small, justifying my sin, burying my faith in tradition, believing lies and corrupting my character, end in my spiritual death.

Following Jesus in application isn’t simply a way of life, I believe it is the way to life.

The spiralised shape of influence that habits can have on us mean that our everyday decisions either lead us ‘up’ to new life or ‘down’ into spiritual death.

Does your cup of life feel half full, half empty or are you rollin