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All in Christ

Colossians 3v17

And whatever you do (in your words, your deeds, conversations, in your job, with your family, in your friendships,  with your money, gifts, time, with your enemies - basically everything), do it all (without exception) in the name of the Lord Jesus (not your friends, siblings, boss, parents, neighbours, the law or the likes), giving thanks to God the Father through him.

This verse is so deep and challenging, but, it is such a reminder of how God should always be central and first to how we live our lives. It can be very hard when faced with so many destructions, so much pressure, expectations, or rules of behaviour - reflecting God should always be our desire, aim, our focus. To help us, Christ saved us, prepared the tools we need, prepared a way for us to follow, and left us the Holy Spirit our helper - in Him, we can absolutely trust in and rely on. Even though other things in life may be important, we should lay everything on Him as the foundation.

Don't get me wrong, it isn't always easy, but I know it works because we serve a God that never lies.


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