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A Lost Rabit

Our daughters have comforters that are their most precious possessions in the whole world. They are grey, a bit smelly and very worn but the girls look past that and just see a comforting companion which has been with them as long as they can remember. 

Yesterday we lost one of the rabbits at bed time and, as you can imagine, it was a tense time for everyone. We searched high and low. Our child cried tired, upset tears. Paul and I whispered frantically trying to figure out where we last saw him. Everyone was getting frustrated. 

Amidst her tears, our daughter said, ‘Mummy, God will know where he is’. 

‘Yes, yes God will know where he is’ I replied through gritted teeth, trying my best not to shout. 

As if on cue, underneath the kitchen table, the grey smelly rabbit caught my eye. Prayer answered. The night moved on. All was forgotten. 

That simple, child like reliance on God knowing everything is somehow lost on us when we become adults and realise our own control. I often forget that his miracles are practice as well as spiritual.  We can literally rely on God for everything.  

Once again…We can rely on God for everything

The simple act of considering those words for a few seconds can relieve a burden that’s been with you for weeks, and the more we realise it, the more our faith grows. The more our faith grows, the more His Kingdom comes.

So, once again…YOU can rely on God for everything. 


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