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Our Family

Doug Mulunda 


My name is Heather Ashcroft and i go to church because i love Jesus and i love to praise and worship him with others that love him too.

I have been part of Ramsey Elim for over thirty years and in all that time God has been so good and faithful to me during the many different stages of my life.

I am really blessed to be part of this family in this small corner of Ramsey.

"We love because he first loved us" 

                                 1 John 4v - 19

Matthew Burgess


I was born in Kenya and came to the UK as a teenager. After arriving in the UK I attended a Pentecostal Church in London where i discovered my faith leading to a baptism. I went to University in Wales where I attended an Elim Pentecostal Church, and was heavily involved in the Christian Union for a period.

I have been a committed Christian for 27 years most of it attending a Baptist church in Berkshire, UK before moving away to the Isle of Man in 2017. I am blessed with a beautiful wife and amazing three daughters.

Over the years I have helped support youth groups, led small groups, preached, led services and been an elder. I have learned that God is real and I have not found anything else that makes more sense as He does. Everything is possible when we put our trust in Him to guide and provide.


I believe I am blessed with the ability to discern and encourage. True faith is one that is personal, real and active.

Heather Ashcroft


My name is Matthew Burgess and I love belonging to Ramsey Elim Community Church. I gave my life to Jesus in 1999 and it's been an adventure so far. 

God has always blessed me and I always feel that through love and serving I can bless others.


Relationships are always important. It's an honour to meet new people through church, tots group or when bands come to use the church to practise.


Along with my wife and 2 young boys we love being church.

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